Get creative with your pool noodles and genuine NoodlePetz® animal pool noodle toys!

NoodlePetz® animal pool noodle toys are colorful foam animal head & tails sold in sets that easily attach to the ends of your standard 2″ diameter pool noodles. NoodlePetz animal pool noodle toys easily transform boring pool noodles into fun pool critters and are the life of any pool party. The three dimensional heads & tails combine with friendly features to give NoodlePetz a “life-like” appearance.

Yes, Mom and Dad love easy-store NoodlePetz too! No need to lug cumbersome pool toys out of the water when it’s time for cleanup. NoodlePetz are conveniently packaged in reusable nylon and mesh bags and make great travel companions! Take them along to a friends house, the local pool or tuck them into a suitcase for the family vacation.

Guaranteed not to deflate!!
No air pumps needed, just attach and go! Plus, NoodlePetz are designed to last more than one season—longer than standard pool toys giving you more pool time and no hassles.

NoodlePetz make an excellent gift for nieces, nephews, grandchildren and kids of any age. Collect all of the unique mix-and-match designs for your own one-of-a-kind favorite pool toy. The question remains: How will you use your noodle?

For ages 3+. Manufactured to CPSC product safety standards.

NoodlePetz® is not a lifesaving device and should not be used in lieu of a life preserver or other approved water safety products for children.

A new standard in pool toys is finally here!

See the difference for yourself—get your NoodlePetz today!